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Drive In Theatre Vintage Metal Sign

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Drive In Theatre sign advertising Son of Fury movie. Perfect for the home cinema room or den.

About our vintage metal signs

Measures 30cm x 20cm.

Add some retro character to the mancave, kitchen, shed or garden. These high-quality reproduction metal signs look great anywhere.

With a hole in each corner they can be easily mounted. If you’re mounting your signs on an interior wall the easiest way to keep them in position is with a small dab of Blu Tack in each corner. Click here to add a handy pack of Blu Tack to your shopping cart.

Pick our retro metal signs

Fans of American Pickers will know vintage metal signs cost a fortune. If you can find them that is.

But now you can own your piece of nostalgia with one of our reproduction vintage metal signs. At a tiny fraction of the price Mike and Frank would have to pay.

We've got plenty to suit every home and business. And we add more every month. So make sure you come back and check them out.