Metal Signs

Vintage Metal Signs

Vintage metal signs at a mere fraction of the price you'd pay elsewhere. No, it's fine you're not dreaming. Everyone loves a metal sign - at least we hope so or there won't be any space in the warehouse for a while.

They do look awesome though. Bright colours, retro designs and maybe a little cheeky humour too. What's not to like? They make a great gift and are perfect for:

  • The garage.
  • Mancave / ladycave.
  • Office.
  • Kitchen.
  • Shed.
  • Anywhere else you can bang a nail into.

Are these signs original?

What at a tenner a throw? No, they're reproductions crafted by the finest artisans in a Shanghai factory. But they were lovingly hand imported by us.

Can I hang these outdoors?

You can hang our vintage metal signs anywhere. You’re only supposed to use them indoors though. But to be honest I've had some on my shed door for years and they still look great. But the official line is to only hang them indoors. However, they do look brilliant on the fence. And if they rust and fade after a few years so what? The weathered look is in.